As Chris Jericho's match versus former Inner Circle member Ortz started to divulge into an utterly chaotic bout between the Jericho Appreciation Society, the Blackpool Combat Club, and Eddie Kington in the open match of AEW Dynamite, it looked like the match could be anyone's game and thus, could have resulted in either competitor losing their hair as per the match's stipulation.

In the middle of the chaos, the first outside interference came from Angelo Parker, who attempted to take Ortiz's hands off the rope following a Walls of Jericho attempt by the move's namesake. This, understandably, caused all heck to break loose, and in the scuffle that ensued, Kington took to the ring in order to ice out the performer he's been feuding with for quite some time now. While his plan almost worked, as Ortiz attempted the pin before it was broken up on two and a half, this move opened up the door for none other than Fuego Del Sol, the staple of AEW Dark and AEW Dark Elevation, to sneak out of the crowd, takes the ring with Floyd in his hands, and put Ortiz to sleep with a well-placed swing of the bat.

What gives? Had Fuego joined the JSA too? Has he secretly been a sports entertainer this whole time?

Nope, the man in the mast was actually Sammy Guevara, who took an old one from his bag of tricks – just ask Serpento – to help his once and future (?) tag team partner secure the win and the ability to headbang for the foreseeable future. With Forbidden Door right around the corner, an Inner Circle Civil War may prove incredibly interesting indeed.