After making a perfectly timed entrance during Ricky Starks' promotional segment to put a beatdown on the “Stroke Daddy,” Lexy Nair knew the AEW Galaxy needed to hear more from Juice Robinson, so she posted up in the back of the Golden 1 Arena to try to catch a few words from the “Rock Hard” one. Unfortunately for Nair, he had a lot to say but wasn't particularly kind in the way he said it.

“Shut up, Lexy, shut up,” Robinson said. “I don’t owe you an explanation, I don’t owe AEW an explanation; I will explain myself when I want to explain myself. The only thing you and they need to know is that Bullet Club is alive and stronger than ever. And it’s worldwide, baby! And it’s for life. And it’s too sweet.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, a lot to unpack there. First, Bullet Club is alive and well, which is something other wrestlers like Zack Sabre Jr. have questioned in the past. Second, it's worldwide, which has never been in doubt, but the fact that he went out of the way to flash the four and say that Bullet Club is for life adds even more intrigue to the story, as it could mean that David Finlay is coming to AEW as the new leader of Bullet Club or it could mean that maybe Jay White isn't as out of Bullet Club as some may have assumed and he could align with Juice within the promotion. All in all, great stuff.