After re-capturing his TNT Championship versus Powerhouse Hobbs to secure his third title reign, Wardlow was afforded another chance to defend his strap at Double or Nothing, this time against Christian Cage in one of his signature contests, the Ladder match.

Taking to the ring solo, with Arn Anderson initially deciding to stay in the back – key word initially – for the showdown, Wardlow rapidly found himself outnumbered two-on-one when Luchasaurus, Cage's ward, decided to make his way down to the ring and turn the match into a beatdown. Fortunately, Wardlow didn't have to wait for long, as Anderson ran down to the ring to provide some support and needless to say, he was out for blood, so much so that he literally tried to bite off Luchasaurus' finger and walked around the rest of the match looking like a darn zombie, to paraphrase Tony Schiavone later in the show.

Looking to definitively prove that this time, his TNT Championship reign is here to last, Wardlow laid out Luchasaurus on a pair of tables and hit him with a Swanton Bomb off of what must have been a 25-foot ladder, eliminating Jungleboy's former friend once and for all. While Cage tried to use this high-risk, high-reward maneuver as an opening to climb the ladder and secure his prize, Anderson again proved the difference maker, tipping Edge's friend off the top of the ladder and into the arms of Wardlow, who proceeded to powerbomb him into submission. With his path cleared, Wardlow climbed up the ladder and kept his title reign alive. Great Double or Nothing match.