Matt Hardy is still going strong in the pro wrestling world with his current stint in AEW. He has experienced many things in his career and recently gave his take on his Mount Rushmore of the sport.

The AEW star took to his aptly named podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy to give his take on the Mount Rushmore question. It's a debate in many sports and it usually features four of the people that were important at the start of the sport.

“I think the first tag team, known as the most dominant tag team ever would be the Road Warriors.,” the AEW man said on his podcast. “I have to put them on there. Then I’m going to say Tully and Arn, The Brain Busters, because I thought they were so dominant throughout their period with the Four Horsemen and they brought a very special style, a technical style for heels. I feel like I have to go with the Dudleys because they’re so decorated as well. I think the Dudleys are up there. Then just considering what we’re doing now here to cement our legacy in AEW, I’m going to have to be biased and go with the Hardys.”

Matt Hardy picking his brother Jeff and himself is a bold move and one that people are no doubt going to have strong opinions about. Jeff Hardy currently has an uncertain future in pro wrestling but Matt still has plenty of things going on with AEW before he calls it a career.