The Alabama football program did not release a depth chart this week, so we do not know who is going to be the team's starting quarterback for Saturday's game against Middle Tennessee, and offensive lineman Tyler Booker spoke about the situation during an appearance on “The Next Round.”

“We don't know,” Tyler Booker said on The Next Round. “They don't know, it's really not up to us. It's really up to them to earn the right to play. But as far as the offensive line and the rest of the team goes, our mindset is whoever it's gonna be, we're gonna be ready to support them because coach Saban plays the cards really close. We'll all find out on Saturday. Everybody asks me questions like I know. I promise you I don't know, we're all going to find out on Saturday.”

Even if Booker does know, he is hiding it well and giving no clues, just like his head coach Nick Saban, who said that the reason to not release a depth chart was to avoid distractions.

The quarterback battle is between Jalen Milroe, Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson. Alabama football legend Mark Ingram said he believes Jalen Milroe would be the best fit over Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson. However, there will be no way of telling what Nick Saban and the program are thinking until Saturday when the game begins.

The quarterback position will make the beginning of Alabama's game against Middle Tennessee worth watching on Saturday, even though the whole game might not be competitive.