Two of college football's premier programs are standing to gain a lot of dough with the release of the new EA College Football video game. Alabama football and Ohio State football are among the top earners from the EA College Football 25 game, per Action Network.

Alabama and Ohio State are among the top tier of schools, with profits of nearly $100k each. Other schools in the top tier include Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma, among others. The entire list was released by Action Network, along with a breakdown of each tier. There are 13 first tier teams, and all of them are from power 5 conferences.

There are four tiers listed, according to Action Network. The largest is the fourth tier, with some power 5 college football programs in that region, but mostly group of 5 programs. The fourth tier schools are making close to $10,000 apiece from the game.

EA College Football returns

The EA College Football game is returning this summer, after a lengthy absence from store shelves. The game's release has already stirred a large amount of buzz, as basketball star LeBron James and others have commented on its release. James plans to play with the Ohio State football team, which may have helped the school's tier ranking. The game's trailer garnered hundreds of thousands of YouTube views in just a few days.

While the first tier teams are getting the most money, every Division 1 college football program in the country is getting a piece of the action. The second tier schools, which include USC and Florida State, are bringing home about $60,000 each. The third tier schools are taking home almost $40,000. Third tier schools include Iowa State and Syracuse.

Why Alabama and Ohio State football lead the list

It pays to be good, and that is a lesson learned by Alabama football and Ohio State football. The EA College Football tier list was compiled based on the performance of all teams in the Associated Press Poll over the last decade. The better the school has done in the AP poll, the better the tier where they are listed. The Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes performed the best, and that's why they are getting some of the most money.

Both schools are among the top programs in college football. Alabama football has been to the college football national championship game six times in the last decade, under former coach Nick Saban. Saban retired after the 2023 season, after winning six national championships in Tuscaloosa. He also won a championship at LSU.

Ohio State football has also seen a great deal of success in recent years. The Buckeyes haven't won a national championship since 2014, but the school has made the College Football Playoff four times in the last decade, and was a national title finalist in 2020.

The EA College Football 25 game will be available on July 19.