AMC Theatres confirms the release of three new Nicole Kidman-led ads in its theaters starting March.

Variety reports that on March 1, AMC locations nationwide will premiere a new 30-second version of the “We Make Movies Better” ad. Following this, AMC Theatres will introduce two other never-before-seen versions of the original pre-show ad in the coming months.

In a statement, AMC emphasizes the campaign's enduring theme. With state-of-the-art technology, luxurious amenities, and unwavering commitment to excellence, AMC Theatres offers unmatched cinematic experiences. This time, with another Nicole Kidman on the screen.

Reflecting on the campaign's one-year milestone, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Billy Ray shared insights with Variety in 2022, explaining his inspiration for the iconic AMC ad. “I was trying to think, ‘What do I so cherish about the movie-going experience?' And, ‘Why is it so important for people to hear stories along with 1,000 other strangers?' And what occurred to me was there are certain cathartic experiences that movies provide for us.”

Now, the We Make Movies Better ad campaign features AMC Theaters and Oscar winner Kidman. It debuted in fall 2021, known for its poignant line, “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.”

Ray highlighted the cathartic nature of movies, noting how characters navigate adversity onscreen, allowing viewers to process emotions collectively. He concluded, “Our heartbreak does feel good in a place like that.”

At the moment, there are no complete details on how AMC Theatres will show Kidman on the ad. But fans can only hope that there will be another iconic line and a newborn meme to match.