Anonymous Sixer says Sam Hinkie wasn't trying to win games
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Anonymous Sixer says Sam Hinkie wasn’t trying to win games

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Trust the process was a mantra set by former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie, but that wasn’t always the case with those around him.

The Sixers remained a bottom feeder team in the league for the entirety of Hinkie’s tenure before he quit in April when the team decided to move away from his strategy.

Bryan Colangleo was hired to change the team’s internal culture and one player is glad that he’s there.

The player who chose to remain anonymous told Jeff Goodman of ESPN.

The organization is trying to win now. That wasn’t the case with the last guy.

This all but confirms what everyone was already thinking. Hinkie wanted to intentionally lose games in the present for long-term gain, but didn’t consider the consequences.

The Sixers won 47 games over three years before the losing began to become unbearable to the team. The positive is that the team has some good young players and draft picks to work with in the present.

That was Hinkie’s plan, but he wasn’t ready to move forward before it was too late.

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