Suns-Cavs trade that can happen with the help of the Milwaukee Bucks
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Suns-Cavs trade that can happen with the help of the Milwaukee Bucks

Whether you’re a Cavs fan or general NBA follower, Friday morning’s news of Kyrie Irving‘s trade demand hinted at uncomfortable change. Everyone gets used to certain players in certain uniforms, but when doubt creeps in, rumors run out of control.

Rumored takers for Irving included the Spurs, Knicks, Timberwolves and Heat. Would you look at that: two teams with huge markets and two teams with aims of competing in the playoffs. Basically, anything can happen to Irving if these reports prove true.

One of the reoccurring hypothetical landing spots for Irving today is the Phoenix Suns. Despite their deck of guards, the Suns would draw out some veteran talent to create the back court of the future. The notorious trade asset, as it’s been for some time now, is Eric Bledsoe.

Alas, for any trade to make sense for either Phoenix or Cleveland, a bidding war could provoke the Cavs to sell. The Milwaukee Bucks have entered that war against the Suns with their talented wing, Jabari Parker.

As Irving and Kevin Love have said this week, the Cavs are in a “peculiar” spot with aims of competing for a championship today without throwing away tomorrow. The relentless imbalance of talent and youth has run it’s course in Cleveland, and the stars are tired of uncertainty.

It’s difficult to imagine Irving leaving the Cavs for the Suns or Bucks, but he may not have a choice. Details about how this trade would look aren’t available, but how seriously the Cavs consider them will reveal where they stand as a franchise.