Will Gluck, director of Anyone But You, recently discussed William Shakespeare‘s inspiration on the film's cringe scenes.

Speaking to Letterboxd, Gluck discussed the reviews of his latest film on the movie social app. Some of the reviews cite “cringe” scenes from the film, to which Gluck responded that Much Ado About Nothing, the film's source material, is “fun.”

“Well, this one was more Shakespeare. It’s funny because even my favorite of all the Letterboxd reviews say, ‘Oh, there’re so many cringe scenes.' I say, ‘Well, which ones are cringe?' ‘Oh, the goofy part when the dad and the brother over-act loudly.' And then I just have to say, ‘That is directly from William Shakespeare,'” Gluck said. “All the cringe scenes in this movie are taken directly from William Shakespeare. The tropes that all the romantic comedies have now, he started it back in sixteen-whatever. That’s where they began. So, yes, you’ve seen it millions of times, but this was honoring the goofiness of that.

“I also truly believe that, for some reason, when we watch movies, we expect the characters to be the smartest people in the world, [as if] it’s the first time they’ve ever been through this, the first time a guy’s ever liked a girl in the world and never does anything goofy and silly,” he continued. “And yet in the real world, every interaction I have, you have, is “I just cannot believe you’ve done that. It’s so goofy, it’s so silly, I feel like such an idiot.” So I try to walk the line between what would really happen—and it was even more goofy in Shakespeare, it was even crazier in the original play. So my conversation is more with the play, I’d say.”

Anyone But You

Anyone But You poster with Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

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Anyone But You is a new rom-com with Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. They star as two people who previously went out but lost their spark. However, they have to pose as a couple during a destination wedding.

The film has been a commercial hit for Sony. Anyone But You grossed over $200 million during its theatrical run.