Ariana Grande was on The Zach Sang Show on the Amazon Music Channel on Twitch Monday and talked about her new album, Eternal Sunshine, and playing the good witch Glinda in the upcoming Wicked, Variety reported.

The pop star talked about how some of her songs, which include the demo Fantasize, were leaked on TikTok without her consent. Those songs went viral on the social media platform last year.

Ariana Grande's Eternal Sunshine ‘previews' on TikTok?

“Thank you so much. I'll see you in jail. Literally,” she said playfully. However, she added that she was gratified that the reaction to the pop tracks were largely positive. Fantasize, especially, was used as a sound for over 130,000 videos. This positive reaction led the singer to include the reworked songs on her new album out on March 8.

“It was like a parody of this girl group vibe. But [the fans] love it… It's so corny, but it's okay. I took the note and I kind of gave them Ariana's version of that on the album,” she said.

“They're completely different now. So although you've heard them — because you stole them — they're very different now,” Grande added.

For Eternal Sunshine, she reunited with producer Max Martin, and recorded sessions in New York's Jungle City Studios before she filmed Wicked.

Grande said that some of the songs on the album were about her real frustrations, while the others were just part of a concept.

She said she was trying to address the “inexplicable hellish feeling [of] watching people misunderstand the people you love and you,” referring to how her relationships have been played out in the media.

Grande also told the host that it wasn't her intention to go back in the studio to make a new album. She had planned on doing it only after promoting the film, but “as soon as the strike began, I came to New York and it all just kind of started pouring out.”

“When I was writing it was with no intention for the world to here it,” the pop star continued.

“I wrote them when I was very emotional, some of them, and then some of them are more bops,” she explained.

Deconstructing Ari the pop star

Ariana Grande with Wicked logo

As for playing Glinda, Grande said that she had to move away from Ariana the pop star and trained with vocal teachers, “to prove to them that I could handle taking on another person.”

“I had to completely erase pop star Ari — the person they know so well — because it's harder to believe someone as someone else because they're so branded as one thing. I had to really go all the way to strip that down.”

Wicked Part One will premiere on Nov. 27. The second part will be released on Nov. 26, 2025.

The cast includes Michelle Yeoh as Madame Morrible, Jonathan Bailey as Fiyero Tigelaar, Ethan Slater as Boq, Bowen Yang as Pfannee and Jeff Goldblum as the Wizard of Oz.