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Atlanta Falcons: 3 major needs entering the NFL offseason

The Atlanta Falcons finished the season strong and hope they can build off that to make it back to the playoffs next season. The Falcons have a good base of players, but they still have some key areas of need that need to be filled to take that next step forward. Currently, the Falcons are projected to be above the cap line next season so they are going to need to be creative with how they fill these holes.

3. Linebacker

The Falcons might already have this position locked up, it just depends if they can bring back outside linebacker De’Vondre Campbell. He is set to be a free agent this offseason and there is a chance his contract could be out of their budget due to cap issues.

If they can’t get Campbell re-signed, Atlanta is going to need to bring someone else to replace him through the draft or free agency. If they pick the free agency route, it probably won’t be as good of a player, but they can spend their money somewhere else. The best-case scenario for the Falcons would be to find a way to bring Campbell back, while still leaving some money to spend on some other needs.

2. Interior offensive line

The Falcons spent their first two draft picks in 2019 on offensive linemen, but it wasn’t enough; they need to do more. They selected guard Chris Lindstrom with the 14th pick and tackle Kaleb McGary with the 31st pick.

The offensive line had all kinds of issues keeping up Matt Ryan this season and that can’t continue. The line let Matt Ryan and Matt Shaub get sacked 50 times—and that is something that can’t continue.

If the team can improve the offensive line, and keep Ryan upright, the Falcons are going to be in good shape.

1. Pass rusher

The Falcons’ defense wasn’t great during 2019 and that started with the struggles of the pass rushers. With no pass rush, opposing quarterbacks felt comfortable to scan the entire field and pick apart the secondary.

The Falcons need to find someone who can come in right away and be an impact player. If the Falcons’ pass rush can improve next season, it’s going to help the entire defense.

They probably aren’t going to have the money to sign one during free agency, so it’s going to be important they hit on the right guy during the draft come April.