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Atletico Madrid, Barcelona also opt out of Super League

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In a whirlwind of events, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have now joined Premier League giants Chelsea and Manchester City in bowing out of the Super League.

It was only under 48 hours ago where Real Madrid president Florentino Perez spoke out on the idea, but fans protesting outside of various stadiums around Europe have created an uproar.

The Super League was proposed to have 12 of the continent’s biggest clubs play in a mid-week competition, similar to the Champions League. It was said that the owners of these sides were strictly the ones in agreement, with the players and coaches not even being involved in the decision.

Earlier on Monday, Chelsea and City became the first teams to opt-out and it now seems as Barcelona and Atletico have followed suit. Manchester United is reportedly on the fence as well and could be on the brink of a decision of their own.

Frankly, this was the only way possible. The supporters are the heart and soul of football. This Super League was all about money. The novelty of European giants clashing would simply become a common occurrence and the beauty of a small club beating a top-tier side would essentially disappear.

It looks like the whole idea, which was backed by US bank JP Morgan with billions of dollars, will quickly be shut down as more and more teams continue to bow out. Stay tuned for more updates