Baker Mayfield: 3 bold predictions for the Browns QB in Week 12 vs. Dolphins
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Baker Mayfield: 3 bold predictions for the Browns QB in Week 12 vs. Dolphins

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has struggled overall this season but he has led his squad to a couple of victories in a row. His stretch of winning football could continue in Week 12 after a matchup with the Miami Dolphins as they have experienced troubles with slowing down just about any offense.

Let’s breakdown three bold predictions for Mayfield when he takes on the Dolphins.

3. No interceptions

Predicting Mayfield to not throw an interception might not seem that bold but he has been terrible at taking care of the football this season. He has thrown 12 interceptions with some occurring during what seems to be the worst possible of situations. The Dolphins are a favorable matchup for the Browns given that they don’t force many turnovers.

Bobby McCain leads the Dolphins with two interceptions and overall the team only has six of them. Mayfield hasn’t thrown an interception in his last three games and will make it four games in a row on Sunday. He seems to have a little bit of confidence back, and this game against Miami is only going to boost that.

2. Doesn’t frustrate Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t had a full-blown meltdown on the sidelines yet but at times over the last couple of weeks, it looks like he has been close to it. There won’t be any need for a meltdown because Beckham Jr. and Mayfield are going to make for a perfect combination.

Beckham Jr.’s biggest game of the year was against the Seattle Seahawks where he had 11 catches for 101 yards. The Dolphins don’t have anyone that can slow down Beckham Jr. and he is going to have at least six catches for 150 yards along with a touchdown or two.

1. Mayfield completes 65 percent of his passes

One of the biggest issues for Mayfield this season has been his inefficient completion percentage. On the season, he is completing only 59.2 percent of his passes and completed a mere 53 percent of his pass attempts in his most recent performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This week it’s going to be a focus that Mayfield takes good care of the ball, and that he completes easy passes. Early in the game, the Browns’ game-plan should be short passes that raise his completion percentage and that will enable him to finish the game having completed 65 percent of his throws.

Granted, a 65 percent completion rate still isn’t good enough for an NFL quarterback, but for what Mayfield has done this season, the Browns will be happy with that kind of performance.