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Atletico Madrid star Luis Suarez drops truth bomb on his Barcelona departure

Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarez

As was the case with many such departures in previous years, Luis Suarez’s move away from Barcelona last year was filled with controversy behind the scenes.

Upon Ronald Koeman’s arrival at Barcelona as its new manager, it was apparent that Suarez was not going to be in the Dutchman’s plans for the campaign. For one, Suarez was training away from the team early in the season.

The Atletico Madrid striker recently noted that ahead of his exit from Barca, Koeman had reached out to him via a 40-second phone call to make clear to him that he would not be in his plans for the season.

In speaking to ESPN Brasil, Suarez once again touched on his departure from Barcelona, where he reflected on one regret about how the move transpired.

“My departure, I was very sorry for the way it turned out,” Suarez said. “It’s like I explained, if you have a player who has been at the club for ten years, the third highest scorer, the president could have warned me, or the coach, to meet at such and such a time to explain the situation that it would be such and such a way.

“And then it would have been totally different.”

The official announcement noting that Suarez would not continue with Barca did not come at a sudden. For weeks ahead of his move to Atletico Madrid, reports and rumors noted Barca was well interested in parting ways with the veteran striker.

The move did not come as a surprise to Suarez, as he had been closely following the reports and rumors as well.

“But within a week, the media was already publicizing, ‘They will tell Suarez about the exit, Suarez this, Suarez here,'” Suarez said. “So I already knew. But the coach calls me and says I was not in his plans. It hurt me. It hurt me more than anything.

“Accepting the end of the cycle at the club, that was fine, but as the situation progressed, I tried to terminate the contract because the club didn’t want me and I was already at an age where they wouldn’t pay for me. And it was the club that didn’t want me to continue. So I accepted without any problem.”

Suarez has since gone on to make the most out of his run so far at Atletico Madrid. The Uruguayan scored 21 goals in La Liga play last season, which played a vital role in the side’s league triumph.

Suarez is currently playing in the final season of his contract deal with Atletico Madrid. But for now, he is well focused on helping his side repeat as La Liga winners.