It was one of the more memorable images of the recent Copa America final: Lionel Messi and Neymar hugging it out on the pitch after Argentina scored a pulsating 1-nil victory over Brazil.

Messi, who has come up empty numerous times in international competitions, finally won a championship for Argentina. And one of his rivals, Neymar, graciously accepted the defeat to salute the 34-year-old Messi.

But it didn't end there, the two stars extended their chat after the match.

Fans have been wondering what Messi, who took a massive pay cut recently, and Neymar were extensively talking about. Well, now it can be told.

Messi's teammate Leandro Paredes, who's also Neymar's teammate at Paris Saint-Germain, revealed what the conversation was all about. Quite fittingly, it had nothing to do with the game. (via Heavy).

“We had agreed to change our jerseys at the end of the match, but we couldn’t do it. I was in the field celebrating and I went to get the phone to talk to my family. I had a message from him (Neymar) saying that he was waiting for me outside, so I went to look for him. The truth is that we do not talk about the final, we talked about how we were, how the family was, what we were going to do now on vacation. Beyond the stars that they are, the humility they have to sit down after such an important final, and talk about other things, is incredible.”

Neymar later opened up about how painful it was to lose the championship, but his post-match conversation with Lionel Messi showed exactly why football is also called the Beautiful Game.