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Chicago Mayor tells Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro to ‘find your leg again’

Eddy Pineiro, Bears

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has very simple instructions for Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro, he needs to find his leg again.

Lightfoot is a Bears season ticket holder and was asked on Wednesday what she thought the Bears needed to do to turn around their season.

“Find an offense,” Lightfoot said via the Chicago Sun Times. “And Eddy Pineiro, find your leg again.”

Pineiro missed two field goals in the first quarter during the team’s last game against the Los Angeles Rams. The Bears also had a chance for another field goal attempt, but the team decided to go for it after Pineiro had missed the two field goals.

The topic surrounding Pineiro was brought up when Lightfoot was asked about her plans for Thanksgiving. Lightfoot said her 91-year-old mother would be coming over, and since her mom is a big football fan they would probably be watching the Bears game.

“My mother’s actually a big football fan … so I’m sure she’ll watch a little bit of it,” she said of the Bears-Lions game. “The question is, ‘Will it be worth watching?’ That remains to be seen.”

It’s still a week away and there are a lot of things that could change, but Lightfoot might have a point about that game not be worth watching. Mitchell Trubisky has struggled and hasn’t shown any signs that he is going to start playing better.

The Lions have questions with Matthew Stafford and if he will be able to go. If it’s Trubisky going against Jeff Driskel, that could be an ugly game to go along with your Thanksgiving dinner.