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Ex-NFL safety rips Bears’ Mitch Trubisky, says he’s ‘hesitant’

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

Rodney Harrison has seen it all. In 15 seasons playing in the NFL, the two-time Super Bowl champion has practically witnessed all kinds of offensive schemes thrown at him. Needless to say, Harrison knows a well-executed play when he sees one. The veteran safety has since transitioned as an analyst for Sunday Night Football and has further given him more opportunities to watch the game from a different perspective. Among the players that have caught Harrison’s attention is Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky — but not for the most ideal reasons.

“I saw Trubisky, when he drops back, he stares at the first read. That’s not open. He goes to the second read, but he’s kinda hesitant because he’s so focused on that first read,” said Harrison during an episode of Under Center Podcast by NBC Sports Chicago.

Harrison later elaborated on how things can quickly go awry for the second overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

“If that’s not open he panics, and it’s like, OK, run, take off, try to manipulate, try to do something, and I don’t see the consistency in the play-calling, and obviously, you’re not gonna have that when you don’t have your guy at the quarterback position.”

The embattled Trubisky threw 17 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last season and got sacked an average of 2.8 times, 12th-worst in the league. 

Harrison later implied that Trubisky’s time as the Bears’ starting quarterback may be coming to an end.

“If you believed in him, you would have never brought Nick Foles in. If you believed in him, you would have picked up his fifth-year option. So cut the BS, just keep it real.”