Bears news: Khalil Mack doesn't see much difference between Vic Fangio, Chuck Pagano
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Bears superstar Khalil Mack doesn’t see much difference between Vic Fangio, Chuck Pagano

Khalil Mack, Vic Fangio, Chuck Pagano, Bears

The Chicago Bears experienced some turnover this offseason with former defensive coordinator Vic Fangio leaving to become the next head coach of the Denver Broncos. Fortunately, new defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano has kept things rather consistent in Chicago.

Fangio’s departure undoubtedly left a notable void in the Bears’ coaching staff. According to Robert Zegliniski on Twitter, defensive end Khalil Mack feels Pagano has filled the spot rather well:

Khalil Mack doesn’t see much of a difference between Vic Fangio and Chuck Pagano. Says they bring the same vibe, no surprises.

Mack’s comments are certainly understandable. Both coaches are considered to be more on the experienced side and it appears their approach on defense is much similar than many would have assumed. Fortunately, Pagano’s familiarity with Fangio should help the smoothen the transition process.

Chicago emerged as one of the most formidable defensive groups in the league. While their offense also managed to pick up the slack down the stretch of the 2018 campaign, there is no question that this team’s strengths lie with the defense.

This could be why Mack has expressed a sense of urgency going into the 2019 NFL season. His arrival last season served as the catalyst for their resurgence on defense, however, he is not looking to let his team rest on their merits just yet. Mack and the coaching staff have high expectations for the Bears moving forward. It will fall on Pagano to ensure that there is no drop-off from how well they had performed in 2018.