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Bears coach Matt Nagy hate reaches climax with absurd chants at Bulls game

Matt Nagy, Mitch Trubisky, Bears

The vitriol that the Chicago community has for Bears head coach Matt Nagy has reached a fever pitch. Fans have been clamoring for the firing of Nagy for a long time now, but recent events have made more and more fans don the pitchforks against the Bears coach.

Want proof of this? Well, here’s a few Chicago fans doing a “Fire Nagy!” chant. In a Bulls game. Yes, that’s how badly these fans want Matt Nagy fired and gone from their city. (via Vincent Goodwill, Keeley Favs)

Yikes. Those are some harsh words coming from a tough-as-nails fanbase. Ask any sensible Bears fan, though, and they are likely more inclined to agree with the angry Chicago mob in United Center. While not all of the Bears’ problems in recent years is due to Matt Nagy’s flaws, he’s certainly accounted for most of them in the eyes of their fans.

For one, there’s a big part of the fanbase that believes that Nagy had a hand in failing to develop Mitch Trubisky properly. Trubisky is widely-known as a draft bust today, but many people think that if he had landed in any other franchise than the Bears, he would’ve found more success.

Recently, Nagy has come under fire for his handling of Justin Fields. The Bears head coach had been reluctant to put their prized rookie in a starting position, only doing so when veteran quarterback Andy Dalton got hurt in Week 2. This notion was exacerbated when recent reports showed that Matt Nagy didn’t make the decision to start Justin Fields: rather, it was chairman George McCaskey who ordered the change.

Will the organization listen to the cries of this Chicago fanbase?