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Matt Nagy’s heartwarming message about Bears after Thanksgiving win

Bears Matt Nagy

Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears have had little to celebrate this season. Entering their Thanksgiving Day contest with the Detroit Lions, there had been rumors that the game would be Nagy’s last as the Bears’ head coach.

That report ended up being untrue but it still goes to show how close Nagy is to losing his job. The Bears have floundered this year and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nagy be fired soon. The fanbase is already calling for it.

Despite the negativity, the Bears squeaked out a 16-14 win against the Lions on a game-winning field goal from Cairo Santos. Beating the NFL’s only winless team doesn’t warrant celebrating but Nagy and the Bears were happy to secure the Turkey Day victory nonetheless.

According to Alex Shapiro of NBC Sports Chicago, Nagy was feeling a lot of love and support after the close victory.

“Only thing I can do is give complete appreciation and thanks to the players and coaches. I can’t ask for anything more. This is a special group across the board and you know, obviously stating the obvious, we’ve been through some stuff, the distractions the last couple days. But it just proves who they are.”

“That group of guys in that locker room right now, players and coaches, I’ll put them up against anybody,” Nagy said. “I love them to death and they’re freaking warriors, man. They know how to win. They’re not losers. They know how to win and I appreciate that about them.”

Nagy may not get the chance to put his squad up against other squads for very long — Chicago is still 3rd in the NFC North and Nagy could still very reasonably be fired — but he’ll get to enjoy the rest of the holiday after a hard-fought win.