Veteran NFL reporter Peter King set the record straight on the recent rumor he started about the Chicago Bears likely trading the no. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and keeping Justin Fields instead.

King, in his retirement announcement on NBC Sports, appeared to reveal what the Bears could do this offseason. According to him, it's looking more and more likely that Chicago trades the no. 1 pick in the upcoming draft as they look to build a contender around Fields. After all, the haul they can get for the pick is expected to be massive.

For what it's worth, King did say that he doesn't know anything and that he's merely putting the pieces based on what he has read and heard. But despite that statement, many considered his report as a real insider information.

With that said, and amid the buzz his report created, King felt the need to further clarify what he just reported. In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, King emphasized once again that his opinion about the Bears trading the no. 1 pick is nothing but a mere speculation.

“I spoke to NOBODY. I haven't talked to ANYBODY. I just read what's out there,” Peter King shared, via Sky Kruse of The Bears Wire. “It's just opinion that's all it is. I just have a feeling deep down that Ryan poles is going to get 1 or 2 knock your socks off offers. Just a feeling no inside information at all.”

For what it's worth, it's still unknown what the Bears will do with their quarterback situation. While many expect the team to trade Justin Fields and draft Caleb Williams with the no. 1 pick to be their franchise QB, anything remains possible.

Until the Bears actually make a decision on Fields and their upcoming pick, all fans can do now is speculate.