In a bit of a good news, Chicago Bears legend Steve McMichael is reportedly improving his health after being hospitalized and contracting an infection over the past week.

The development was confirmed by McMicahel's wife, Misty McMichael. Misty also shared to Associated Press that there is hope for the NFL icon to be able to return home by Tuesday.

“He's one tough guy. He's Mongo and his DNA is different! Keep those prayers coming! Thank you!” Misty said.

It's definitely a great news amid major concerns about Steve McMichael's health. To recall, he was hospitalized on Thursday with what was initially thought to be pneumonia. It was later revealed to be a urinary tract infection.

Nonetheless, things worsened for the Bears great after he reportedly caught an infection while in hospital. The problem is that the MRSA he developed is the kind of staph infection that is difficult to treat because it is resistant to some antiobiotics. McMichael also needed a blood transfusion, which made the situation even more worrisome.

“We are asking for prayers for Steve McMichael. He is going to the Emergency Room now with suspected pneumonia. We will inform you as we have more updates. Thank you. The McMichael Family. Team Mongo,” Misty said in a statement after her husband's hospitalization.

Fortunately, with the latest update, it seems McMichael has been able to overcome the illness and is now on his way to recovery. It is worth noting that McMichael was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame just a week prior to his hospitalization.

More updates about McMichael's health status should come out in the next few days. Hopefully, he'll be able to come home sooner rather than later.