Bears video: Chicago nearly pulls off miracle final play vs. Packers, only to fall a few yards short
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Video: Bears nearly pull off miracle final play vs. Packers, only to fall a few yards short

Bears, Allen Robinson

The Chicago Bears were down by 18 points at one point in the third quarter against the Green Bay Packers, but the Bears were almost able to pull off a wild comeback. As time expired, Chicago nearly pulled off a miracle on the final play, only to come up a few yards short:

As the end of close games typically go, the Bears had to run the famous lateral play in hopes to somehow score. After a few laterals, Chicago made its way inside the five-yard line and there was a chance for Jesper Horsted to pitch it to Allen Robinson.

Instead, as Horsted was being tackled, he let go of the ball but didn’t get it to Robinson. The Packers reluctantly recovered the ball to secure the victory.

If the ball could’ve gotten to Robinson, the Pro-Bowl wide receiver would’ve walked into the end zone. The Bears still would’ve needed to convert a two-point conversion to send the game to overtime.

With the heartbreaking loss, Chicago’s playoff hopes are on life support.

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