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Bengals WR A.J. Green unsure of his future in Cincinnati

AJ Green, Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals wideout A.J. Green will go down as one of the best pass catchers in team history, but he is unsure how much more time he has with the squad. Green is almost 31 years old, entering the last year of his contract and doesn’t seem to have high hopes that the two sides will be able to reach a long term contract extension.

“I don’t know,” Green told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “I love the Bengals, I’d love to be a part of the organization for the rest of my career but you never know. I just take each year at a time, and go out there and play and get healthy and go from there.”

Green admits that it would be hard to leave Cincinnati because his family has established themselves in the community but he knows he doesn’t have total control over it.

“It’s hard. This is a place I’ve been for the last eight years going on nine years now. So it’s hard for me to see myself somewhere else because I have a family here. You just never know, like I said, I can’t control that. Something may get done something might not get done.”

One thing that Green is looking forward to for at least one season is working with new Zac Taylor who brings a different energy for the team, which he feels is a good thing for the future.

“With Zac, he just brings a different energy,” said Green. “He’s changing everything around in the building, he’s putting logos up everywhere, sayings everywhere. It’s different to have your head coach be in the office and meeting room going through every play, every detail to every guy, telling you why you need to run this way or what this concept is, it’s just a little different, but it’s fun and it’s awesome because he’s so smart and so detailed.”

This is a story that should be followed closely this upcoming season but if Green and Taylor work together it would make sense for both sides to try and get a deal done, and get Green back with the Bengals past next year.