Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon recently found himself embroiled in a tense legal situation. While the Bengals' star hasn't been arrested, Mixon was a serious person of interest during the police's ongoing investigation.

Mixon saw his home swarmed by police officers into the early hours of Tuesday morning, via Chancelor Winn and Brian Planalp of Fox19 Now. The police were investigating reports of a shooting that sent a kid to the hospital near Cincinnati in Anderson Township.

The police searched Mixon's home until 3:20 a.m. They brought documents revolving around the case and were seen looking through Mixon's home with flashlights. Ultimately, no arrests were made despite the large police presence.

Mixon has yet to comment on the matter. However, his sister Shalonda has denied the running back's involvement in the shooting, via Mike Dardis of WLWT.

The details surrounding the case are sparse. There is no word on how the kid who was shot suffered his injuries. The same could be said for Mixon's involvement in the case. The police seem to be doing their due diligence on the reported shooting. While no one was arrested, the police initially believed Mixon had something to do with it.

Mixon's offseason has been marred by legal trouble. He faced a aggravated menacing charge in Februrary, although that charge was eventually dropped.

Joe Mixon is now involved in another scary legal situation. The police did eventually leave his home and with no charges filed, meaning the running back is currently off the hook. But the Bengals will certainly be paying attention to his legal problems as Cincinnati decides whether to retain Mixon or not.