Not only did the Cincinnati Bengals lose to the Tennessee Titans in Week 4, they saw star receiver Tee Higgins go down with a scary rib injury. But as the Bengals look to get back on track in Week 5, Higgins started the week with a positive injury update.

Higgins left the game in the first half against the Titans and ruled out before halftime. After the contest it was revealed that he suffered a rib fracture. However, Higgins said he isn't expecting to miss much time, via Paul Dehner Jr of The Athletic. He went as far to say that he could potentially return in Week 5 and that the severity of his injury will be dictated by pain tolerance.

It would be quite the heroic effort to see Higgins gut it out with a fractured rib. However, he hasn't ruled out the possibility. Even if Higgins is forced to miss a game or two, the wide receiver doesn't expect the injury to linger long into the season.

The Bengals are certainly hoping Higgins returns to the field as fast as possible; assuming he is cleared to play. Their offense has gone a bit stagnant the last few weeks as Cincinnati has dropped to 1-3. If the Bengals want to turn things around, quarterback Joe Burrow and weapons such as Ja'Marr Chase and Higgins need to get back on the same page.

Of course for that to happen, Tee Higgins needs to be on the field. Even with his rib fracture he isn't expecting to be away long with a potential Week 5 return still in place.