Beyoncé is back, and fans are getting excited. She just released the official album cover for Cowboy Carter. Yee-haw!

The build-up for the new music is enormous. Queen Bey has scored a hit with her catchy songs, Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages.

Now, thanks to an Instagram post she posted Tuesday, we get a glimpse of the new album. It features the star on top of a white horse. She holds an American flag and wears red, white, and blue Western attire—with white boots and a cowboy hat. Meanwhile, her gleaming white hair is flowing behind her. It looks as though she's in a rodeo setting or open field at night—definitely nowhere near the city limits.

Beyoncé’s Instagram post and cover reveal

Bee wrote a lengthy message about her excitement, her thanks for support, and collaborations that will be featured in the new LP.

“Today marks the 10-day countdown until the release of act ii,” the post starts with. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the supporters of TEXAS HOLD ‘EM and 16 CARRIAGES. I feel honored to be the first Black woman with the number one single on the Hot Country Songs chart. That would not have happened without the outpouring of support from each and every one of you. My hope is that years from now, the mention of fan artist's race, as it relates to releasing genres of music, will be irrelevant.”

She also discusses the “criticisms” she faced when she entered the genre that “forced” her to “propel past the limitations that were put” on her.

Also, Beyoncé says there are a “few surprises” regarding collaborations. As we wrote about earlier, many believe that Taylor Swift might be on that roster.

She added that this album is a “continuation of RENAISSANCE,” and she hopes “this music is an experience, creating another journey where you can close your eyes, start from the beginning, and never stop.”

The Single Ladies performer concluded with, “This ain't a Country album. This is a ‘Beyoncé' album. This is act ii COWBOY CARTER, and I am proud to share it with y'all!”


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This music isn't new to Beyoncé

According to the NY Times, the singer calls this new album the first installment of a three-part project recorded over three years during the pandemic.

The cat was out of the bag that this music has been around for a while when her mother, Tina Knowles, commented on one of Bey's Instagram posts and said, “I have loved this record for years, now so happy that you guys get to hear.”

Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter will be released everywhere on March 29. Get those cowboy hats and boots ready.