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Brian Scalabrine thinks big men ‘really do dominate’ in the BIG3

Brian Scalabrine, BIG3

Brian Scalabrine is currently playing basketball in the BIG3. A career backup throughout his 11 seasons in the NBA, he knows how hard it became for bigs like him to dominate the league.

However, he believes that the league considered by many as a retirement home for ex-NBA players gives these bigs an opportunity to thrive like the bigs of yesteryears.

The White Mamba talked to Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype and answered questions about ball and life. When it got down to discussions about his experience in the BIG3, the Ginger Ninja was quick to point out the opportunities it provides for bigs to play on par with the guards.

“The big men really do dominate in this league. In five-on-five, you can sort of wear big men out by moving the ball, getting them in a lot of pick-and-roll actions, running the floor and things like that. For instance, if you have a slow big that crashes the offensive glass, you can really take advantage of him in transition. In five-on-five, there are different ways to counter a guy who is strong, but maybe too slow. But in three-on-three, when you look at a guy like Greg Odon or a guy like Al Jefferson or a guy like Will McDonald (who we have on our team), once those guys go to work, if they a miss a shot, they don’t have to sprint back on defense. With the rules in the half-court game, the big men really, really seem to dominate. They have a huge impact and really help their team win, which is very different than in the NBA right now. [In the NBA], big men are just trying to figure out a way to stay out there on the floor. It’s completely different.”

Scal averaged only 3.1 points and 2.0 rebounds in his career. He is a crowd favorite in New Jersey, Boston, and Chicago. Seeing him have fun in the BIG3 must be warming up the fans’ hearts.