Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been picking the brain of Tony Romo this offseason as he tries to take another big step forward in the 2020 season. Allen has spent most of the quarantine in Orange County to try and stay close with his quarterback coach, Jordan Palmer, along with Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and the Panthers' Kyle Allen.

Allen said along with the training he has talked a couple of times to Romo. According to Allen that has really helped with some of his throwing mechanics that have been off the first couple of years in the league. Per Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer:

“I talked to Tony Romo for a couple hours at the Super Bowl. And I got to talking with him about mechanics and keeping your head on the same plane, same axis, and kind of rotating around it, keeping your left arm super tight, and finding a way to throw the same exact way out of any position, whether your feet are set or not. That’s really been paying off. It’s been a good thing for me, and it’s gonna continue to be something I’ll work on.”

Even though Allen wasn't able to get a lot of time with his teammates this offseason, he still has been able to improve his own game, through picking the brains of other quarterbacks and working alongside Palmer and other passers.

The hope is these changes to his mechanics will make Allen a better quarterback, and the Bills a better team in a wide-open AFC East.