Bills news: Josh Allen takes responsibility for Browns lost: 'I’m nowhere near where I need to be'
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Bills’ Josh Allen takes responsibility for Browns lost: ‘I’m nowhere near where I need to be’

Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills came up short against the Cleveland Browns in Week 9 by the score of 19-16. After having time to reflect, Josh Allen has taken responsibility for the loss and knows that he needs to improve moving forward.

“I know I’m nowhere near where I need to be; nowhere near where I want to be,” Allen said. “Where I want to be is higher than where I need to be. I hold myself to a very high standard.”

The second-year quarterback finished the game with 266 yards on 22 completions. While he was able to rush for two touchdowns, Allen was inefficient throwing the ball, completing only 22 of his 41 attempts.

On the other hand, Allen was outplayed by the other quarterback from the 2018 NFL Draft class in Baker Mayfield. Mayfield aired it out for 238 yards and two touchdowns. Above all, Mayfield was able to lead Cleveland to a game-winning touchdown drive to put Cleveland on top.

While Allen has flashed plenty of potential, there are still glaring issues with his game. The most glaring issue is his accuracy, which was evident on Sunday versus the Browns.

In his first 20 starts in the NFL, Allen has combined to complete only 56.1 percent of his passes. Everyone knows how strong of an arm Allen has, but he still has to be able to lead the offense efficiently.

Even with the loss, Buffalo is still 6-3 and is in a prime position to make the playoffs. For the Bills to be taken seriously moving forward, Allen is going to need to improve his play from under center.