No fans are going to be permitted to attended Buffalo Bills game this season because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state of New York released guidelines for how professional sports competitions could take place this year. The six different guideline categories that were included were physical distancing, workplace activity, protective equipment, hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, communication and screening.

Under the section of physical distancing, one of the mandatory conditions includes no fans being allowed at indoor or outdoor events in New York state:

“Ensure that no live audience, fans, or spectators are allowed to attend or permitted to enter any professional sports venue, even if an outdoor venue. Prohibit fans from congregating outside the venue and implement a security plan to safely disperse any individuals that gather outside of the venue.”

That means fans aren’t allowed in the stadium, and there will be no Bills Mafia tailgates outside of it, either. The players and staff will also be required to maintain social distancing on the sideline according to the conditions of the mandate. All interactions with the media also will need to be done with proper social distancing protocols in place.

One thing the document also made clear was that these rules could change. Depending on the state of the pandemic and number of cases in northern New York, there is a chance some fans could be allowed to attend Bills games. But if the season started today, there would be no fans in the stands in Buffalo.

Bills fans are known as some of the most passionate in the league, and not having them in the stadium could be a disadvantage for the Buffalo team. The Bills no longer having a home-field advantage could level the playing field for their opponents.