Bills news: WR Zay Jones arrested for vandalism after fight with brother
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Bills WR Zay Jones arrested for vandalism

The Buffalo Bills finally made it back to the playoffs last season. While rookie wide receiver Zay Jones did not play a significant role in that effort (27 receptions for 316 yards and two touchdowns), the Bills have high hopes for him. However, getting arrested after getting into a fight with his brother Monday night was not part of the plan.

While there were violence and nudity involved in the incident, Jones actually got arrested for vandalism.

TMZ posted a video of the fight Jones had with his brother, Cayleb, at a Los Angeles apartment building. In it, Jones was seen naked while fighting with his brother. According to witnesses, Jones wanted to jump out the window on the 30th floor, and Cayleb was trying to stop him.

Jones eventually broke free and ran into the apartment of Cayleb’s girlfriend. After she screamed, he ran back out and onto a public balcony. It was there that he put his foot through a window. Jones tried to squeeze out the window, but his brother was able to restrain him until police arrived.

At one point, Jones yelled,” I’m going to fight for Jesus!”

If the NFL waits for the legal system t play out, the issue may not appear as serious as most of the ones the league gets involved in. The charges were for felony vandalism. That is not good, of course, but compared to most of the issues the NFL deals with, it’s not bad.

This mess is not going to end well for Jones—and it shouldn’t. If there is a mental health issue going on, it needs to be dealt with before he hurts himself any worse or someone else. If he was on some sort of drug, then he needs to be suspended and dealt with according to the league’s rules.

His best hope is for the Bills to stick with him through this mess. If they decide to cut him loose, he will probably never play again. No one wants a guy they fear could have mental health issues.