Buffalo Bills running back Nyheim Hines suffered a torn ACL following a jet ski accident in July. Hines recently spoke on the injury and his rehab process, getting back into football form. He still has ample time in physical therapy, but it's believed that he's making tremendous progress following surgery.

“Honestly, there were times I just wanted to scream and cry,” said Hines to Zak Keefer at The Athletic.

Hines hasn't been very public about the recovery process and the story behind the injury, but he recently revealed how he's felt over the past few months and how he'll be able to get the plan in place to play football again. He spoke about the rehab process and one of the most painful times in his, physically.

“It was just rehab, man, but it was hard as hell…Two weeks of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

A torn ACL is an injury that athletes have been dealing with for years, mentioning the post-surgery process as the most traumatic part. Hines still has time to get back, being 27 years old, but the clock is always ticking for running backs.

“You know what I tell people?” said Nyheim Hines. “I literally tell people my life is like that movie ‘Final Destination.”

He'll likely work his way back to the field in preparation for the 2024 training camp if he's able to work the recovery process in the right manner. Hines is a talented back that many teams can use in different schemes, but right now he's signed with the Bills until the end of the 2024 season.