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Blazers’ Damian Lillard calls out fans of NBA 2K that constantly complain about player ratings

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Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard is not a big fan of popular basketball video game, NBA 2K, and its player ratings.

NBA 2K recently released the ratings of the top players for the latest installment of the series. As expected, Lillard was in the top 10, rated at 92 for the ninth spot. Dame is ahead of Joel Embiid and Kyrie Irving and was considered as the third-best guard behind James Harden (5th) and Stephen Curry (6th).

However, that number did not mean much to Lillard. In fact, he took a shot at the fans who complain about the ratings which doesn’t necessarily reflect the abilities of the players. Furthermore, he also sent a direct jab at the game creators whom he said “probably can’t even shoot.”

Certainly, it seems unlikely that video game creators can shoot as well as Lillard, whose 37-foot triple obliterated an entire era of Oklahoma City Thunder basketball. However, the makers of NBA 2K20 certainly understand much of the minutia that makes basketball — and the NBA — so entertaining.

Sure enough, Lillard is unimpressed with the video game, and the Blazers star certainly prefers to let his play — as well as his wizardry behind the mic as the NBA’s preeminent rapper — do the talking.