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Damian Lillard says he and Russell Westbrook are ‘real cool’ off the court

Blazers, Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook

Portland Trail Blazers star point guard Damian Lillard and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook have been going at it in the first round of the playoffs.

Every time Westbrook scores on Lillard in the post, the former MVP does his patented rock the baby celebration. When Lillard scores on Westbrook, the Blazers guard gives Westbrook a death stare to let him know he’s not backing down.

Lillard, though, wants everyone to know he and Westbrook don’t hate each other. In fact, Lillard says he and Westbrook are “real cool” off the court.

“The funny thing is, off the court, me and Russ is real cool,” Lillard said, via John Canzano of the Oregon Live. “I see Russ, he asks about the family, ‘How is the family doing?’ and all that. We actually cool. So it’s funny when they try to say me and Russ hate each other and all this stuff. It’s not really like that. But it’s something about when you get on the court, I guess.”

Westbrook and Lillard are two of the fiercest competitors in the NBA. Neither star has any “friend” on the court other than the ball itself.

The Blazers lost Game 3, but they still have a 2-1 series lead. Game 4 is on Sunday.