Blazers news: Rodney Hood has been swept by the Warriors again
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Blazers’ Rodney Hood has now been swept by the Warriors in the past three seasons

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Getting swept in a playoff series is painful for any NBA player. A sweep shows complete dominance over a team and is certainly embarrassing to anyone with a competitive spirit. So while the Conference Finals sweep will linger around the Portland Trail Blazers for a while, it will stick with Rodney Hood even longer. The unlucky swingman has been swept not once, not twice, but three straight times by the Golden State Warriors:

Adding to the minuscule chances of this occurrence is the fact the Hood was on a different team each time the sweep happened.

After taking his first beating in the second round of the playoffs with the Jazz, Hood was swapped out of the Western Conference to the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, he could not avoid his nemeses and got swept yet again in the 2018 NBA Finals.

After heading back West, Hood ran into the Warriors another time and suffered the same consequence.

Adding to the pain is the fact that Hood played a very mediocre series. In a matchup where the Blazers badly needed additional firepower, he averaged only 9.5 points a game on 40 percent shooting. His hot shooting and impact in the previous series against the Denver Nuggets disappeared when the Blazers needed him most.

Hood will be a free agent next year and you can bet that he would prefer to travel East and lessen the chances of another sweep at the hands of the relentless Warriors.