Blazers news: Shaquille O'Neal says Damian Lillard diss tracks were all for fun
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Shaquille O’Neal says Damian Lillard diss tracks were all for fun

Shaquille O'Neal, Damian Lillard, Blazers

If you were hoping for a new chapter in the rap beef between Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard, you’re better off just listening to Kanye West’s Jesus Is King. Shaq officially killed any hopes of more diss tracks being released in a recent interview.

Uproxx’s Carolyn Droke wrote about Shaq’s thoughts on the entire fiasco that saw three diss tracks get released. From the way Shaq sounded, he was in no way looking to add gas to the flame he finds himself against the Portland Trail Blazers guard.

“The thing that went on for me and him was just for fun,” Shaq said at an LA event. “I think he’s really, really good and he’s very talented. We had fun.

“We all come from the same place,” O’Neal continued. “My thing is, if you say you’re better than me, I accept the challenge. If he says ‘I look better than you,’ then okay, I gotta hit the gym and work out; if he says ‘My shoes are whiter than yours,’ then I gotta go to the store and pick out a better pair. Other people take that stuff personally but I don’t. If you challenge me, I’ll step up to the challenge.”

Lillard also revealed that he didn’t want to seriously take on the Hall of Fame center, saying that he paved the way.

“Obviously Shaq is the pioneer, the one that did it and went big and had a lot of shine on him about the fact that he was doing music,” he said. “I’m trying to come behind that and do the same thing with the gold and platinum records and all that stuff.”

Their feud is officially over, and both sides have made up. However, fans will always be on the lookout for the next challenger who will try to cross Lillard over on the mic, even if it’s not going to be Shaquille O’Neal.