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Blazers video: CJ McCollum pulls off simple jab step ankle breaker on Justin Jackson

C.J. McCollum

Blowing past defenders and completing an ankle breaker when attacking the basket is not an easy move to pull off, even for NBA players. It usually takes a lot of speed or a wicked crossover to make a defender fall on the floor and leaves fans in awe of it.

However, C.J. McCollum proved on Monday against the Sacramento Kings that it only takes a simple jab step to break someone’s ankles, as he did exactly that to rookie Justin Jackson, before setting up Evan Turner for a wide-open three-pointer. The fans inside the Golden 1 Center were shocked to see it and felt for Jackson, who slid on the floor.

McCollum, Damian Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic led the way for the Blazers who won the game, 97-83. All three of them scored in double digits, despite only seeing limited action. It only goes to show that even with only a few additions they made in the summer, they will continue to be a dangerous team this coming season.

There is no doubt that this is Jackson’s “Welcome to the NBA Moment” and something that he will not easily forget. If there’s any silver lining for him though, he can chalk it up to experience and also learn a lot from the play, which can help him become a better defender in the future.