The Toronto Blue Jays are looking to come back strong 2023 AL East record. The Blue Jays made the MLB Playoffs as the sixth-seeded Wild Card but were swept by the Minnesota Twins. Now, star shortstop Bo Bichette is motivating his team amid doubts before 2024 Spring Training.

Bo Bichette issues a strong message to naysayers before the Blue Jays' 2024 campaign

Bichette addressed media members before Toronto's Spring Training campaign. He talked about Toronto's past expectations and how those expectations differ after their 2023 showing:

“This is the first time we've been doubted,” Bichette said, per Blue Jays MLB reporter Keegan Matheson. “We've always had high expectations and it's definitely a different mindset trying to prove people right instead of trying to prove people wrong. I think we'll see what we're capable of this year.”

The 25-year-old looks to make big contributions to Toronto after an impressive 2023 season. Bichette batted an average of .306 and hit 306 home runs in 139 games. In addition, he was responsible for 73 RBI and achieved an OPS of .814.

Bichette is considered a leader in the Blue Jays locker room. Moreover, he believes in his teammates' ability despite outside noise.

“The outside shouldn't matter, but it does. I think we'd all be lying if we said we didn't see any of it or that it doesn't motivate us in some way. There are guys who have pride [in Toronto's locker room] and want to show people what we can do,” Bichette asserted.

The AL East will not get any easier. Yet, rest assured Bo Bichette and the Blue Jays seek to build upon their record and over challenges in their way.