The new 28-minute Bluey special, The Sign, has fans on an emotional rollercoaster — in a good way.

This new Disney+ special was an experiment, in a way, geared to get a bit bolder than what viewers were used to. Beyond the length (a typical episode is about seven minutes long), it was put together by the whole studio, making for a production challenge, LA Times reports.

“It's an episode about these very important things that these characters are going through,” Executive producer Daley Pearson said. “It's probably the biggest possible changes these characters have ever gone through. There's a bit of experimental feel to it. Will it work? Will the audience stick with it? And I think it's one of the most beautiful episodes we've ever made.”

It's an episode in which (spoiler alert) Bluey, Bingo, and their parents, Chilli and Bandit, prepare for the wedding of Bandit's brother, Rad, and Bluey's godmother, Frisky. Beyond that, the family is moving—something Bluey is not happy about. Chilli is also a bit hesitant about packing it up.

“These parents are having to deal with these big life decisions, but they are also putting on a brave face for their kids,” Melanie Zanetti, who voices Chilli, said. “And the moment we see the vulnerability between mum and dad, it's those moments as a kid when you start to realize that your parents are just people or dogs and fallible and very human/canine.”

The special also tackles the unpredictability that life throws our way.

“We are always trying to make the right choice,” Zanetti added. “Like everyone is trying to do the right thing. The difference between what we should see and the right thing and what in our gut and heart we feel is the right thing. I think there's a beautiful looking into that and grappling with that in this episode.”

Pearson also said of the episode, “I feel like Bluey episodes are turning into a bit of a Rorschach test. It's hard to say what we meant. It's hard to put our own meaning into it.”

Fans react to Bluey The Sign

As for the special, it tugged at the heartstrings with many emotional responses on social media. Whether it be dealing with change, the emotions of leaving home, feelings of marriage, or sentimental thoughts of childhood — you name it.

“I openly sobbed during #BlueytheSign,” one user wrote.


“I loved The Sign because it doesn't waste your time, those 28 minutes honestly still felt like 7,” someone else posted. “That's what I love about Bluey, it manages to tell so much is such a set amount of time without the pace falling apart, watching it live with friends was also fun.”

The episode was deep and had many twists and turns. Any Bluey fan will surely appreciate The Sign. Just get the tissue box ready.