Wil Lutz and Sean Payton are back together. The Denver Broncos have acquired Lutz in a trade with the New Orleans Saints, as reported by Ian Rapoport.

The kicker played for Payton from 2016-2021 and even made the Pro Bowl in 2019. He now heads to the Mile High City to be Payton's main option this season. Lutz has been a very reliable kicker throughout his career since coming into the league after a standout career at Georgia State.

Lutz has converted a minimum of 80% of his field goals in every single season but 2022 when he was 23 for 31. However, Lutz did hit a career-long 60-yard kick while appearing in 17 games for New Orleans.

This is an intriguing move for the Broncos because, with his big leg, Lutz could be an absolute beast in the high altitude of Denver. We're talking 65-yarders potentially. It also seems to be a trend since Payton arrived. The team now has nine offensive players who used to play for him in NOLA. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Lutz, who went undrafted in 2016, was initially signed to the Baltimore Ravens' practice squad before the Saints decided to take a chance on him. He signed an extension with the organization in 2019.

Blake Grupe, who is a rookie, looks to be in line for the starter job with New Orleans after Lutz's departure. He also went undrafted back in April out of Notre Dame. Big shoes to fill.

As for Lutz, we'll see if he can thrive with Payton and the Broncos.