Broncos news: Drew Lock says it was 'pretty cool' to meet John Elway
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Drew Lock says it was ‘pretty cool’ to meet John Elway

Missouri Tigers quarterback Drew Lock was very young when Denver Broncos general manager John Elway hung up the cleats but he has still seen a lot of his play and has a ton of respect for the former Hall of Fame quarterback. Lock met with Elway at the team facility during the pre-draft process and said that it was a pretty cool experience.

“It was pretty unique,” Lock said on Chris Simms Unbuttoned. “It just came full circle where he played ball, he got recruited by the Broncos, played for the Broncos and did what he did there which was nothing short of outstanding. Now, he’s a part of that staff, trying to find another quarterback. For me to be up for that, for him to spend time with me sitting down watching film and having me install a play, just to have it come full circle where one of the better quarterbacks of all-time is now wanting me to play quarterback for him possibly, it was pretty cool.”

The big question for Lock is just how impressed with Elway and the rest of the Broncos staff with him. The Broncos did just trade for Joe Flacco but the Broncos still need to try and find the long term solution at quarterback and Elway hasn’t been afraid to take a quarterback in the first round.

Maybe if Elway was impressed enough with the meeting and tape, they will take him with the tenth overall pick and Lock will be able to learn from Elway.