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Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton ‘back on the same page’

Emmanuel Sanders

The Denver Broncos training camp practice yesterday ended abruptly when wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton got into a bit of a mix-up. After stopping practice for a team meeting, the players came out to practice today sounding like things had been smoothed over.

Speaking to the media via Pro Football Talk, Sanders acknowledged that the two have known each other for some time, and sometimes arguments will happen.

Sutton was also on hand with Sanders for the meeting, so it sounds as if both players are fine with each other now.

“It stands good. Obviously, we’re family,” Sanders said. “We went to the same school and grew up in the same area. It’s a miscommunication and that’s just what it is. At the end of the day, we’re back on the same page trying to be the best receivers in the world. Sometimes through failure there is growth. And I feel like me and him have grown through this in terms of bringing that dog out even more and just ready to win and tear it up.”

Fights during training camp aren’t anything new in the NFL world, although it is unusual to see two players from the same position get into it. Of course, things ended fairly smoothly, and while it could have been worse, the Broncos coaching staff put an end to things rather quickly with the team meeting.

Thankfully for the Broncos, it seems as if that was enough to smooth things over, and now Sutton and Sanders can get to work helping make the Broncos passing game better.

With new quarterback Joe Flacco under center, the team hopes to improve its stock in the AFC, and once again contend for the postseason.