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Broncos’ WR Emmanuel Sanders jokes about signing with Rockies after Mike Trout’s deal

Emmanuel Sanders

The world of North American professional sports was shaken from the ground up when the Los Angeles Angels signed Mike Trout to a record-breaking contract extension worth $430 million over 12 years earlier this week. The monumental deal was so groundbreaking that even NFL players like Emmanuel Sanders couldn’t help but chime in on the issue.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver shared a hilarious tweet of him becoming the newest member of the neighboring Colorado Rockies following the news of Trout’s signing:

Given how different the pay structure of the NFL is, players like Sanders can only dream of making mad money for such an extended period of time similar to what Trout just got.

To add further clever insult to the former Super Bowl champ’s joke on Twitter, not even the MLB would believe nor approve a one-year deal worth half-a-trillion dollars; let alone a kazillion at that.

Sanders is entering the 2019 football season on a contract year, which is probably why he was inspired to tweet his joke about joining the Rockies for a boatload of cash.

On a side note: Sanders did put a nice spin to that slider of his with the pigskin, but his velocity and and placement could use a lot more work. Perhaps he’ll be better off playing outfielder with his trusty hands instead.