Broncos news: Joe Flacco restructures contract with Denver
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Broncos QB Joe Flacco restructures contract with Denver

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The Denver Broncos have put their trust in Joe Flacco. While some fans may see this as a risk, they managed to convert the deal into something better after convincing the seasoned QB to restructure his contract.

Tom Pelissero revealed the franchise QB’s new deal that will help the team get more talented players into the team.

The $13.6 million in cap space is very important for the Broncos this season. They finished 2018 way outside the Wild Card positions and with one of the worst offenses in the NFL when it comes to offensive SRS.

With that added cap space, they now have a bit more flexibility to make some moves. For instance, they could potentially look to add another playmaker for Flacco to work with.

Flacco is quite a risk for the Denver Broncos. As pointed out by Kellen Voss, he is not the person you would usually think of when you consider elite quarterbacks. His career numbers–a total of 38245 passing yards and 212 TDs with a 3.7% TD rate in an 11-year career–is average at best.

However, The Denver Post’s Ryan O’Halloran believes that Flacco is the perfect man for the team. He is not afraid to unleash high-risk passes for the win. Moreover, his experience makes him unbreakable even at the face of a defeat.

If everything goes Flacco’s way, he should be able to lead the Broncos back to the postseason. However, he will have to look pretty special before we even consider him winning another Super Bowl.