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Broncos GM John Elway says ‘we’ve got to try something’ about onside kicks

John Elway, the general manager of the Denver Broncos, is among a vast group of people that believe that onside kicks in the NFL need to be addressed. While speaking about the new rules in the Pro Bowl, Elway is all for the league trying different solutions to fixing the issue with onside kicks.

“Not many onside kicks were recovered this year, so we’ve got to try and do something where you have a chance to catch up,” Elway said, via the Denver Post.

To be exact, there were only eight onside kicks recovered throughout the 2019 season. Over the years, discussions have been had on how the NFL can fix the nearly-impossible feat of converting an onside kick. It’s fair to see why the Broncos GM is seeking change.

For this year’s Pro Bowl, the NFL is implementing a new alternative for the kicking team instead of attempting an onside kick. The kicking team can choose to have a chance to convert a fourth-and-15 from their own 25-yard-line.

Of course, if they are able to gain 15 yards, they would maintain possession. But if they are unsuccessful, the opposing team would receive possession of the ball from the dead-ball spot.

If the rule change goes according to plan, maybe the NFL lays the groundwork for changing the rules permanently. Elway is a member of the NFL’s competition committee. The Broncos GM seems willing to voice his opinions on the matter.

However, even if Elway can convince others to revise the rule, the owners have the ultimate say. Provided that, ridding the traditional onside kick is going to be a tricky thing to do.