The Denver Broncos' defense was the only reason the team didn't go completely winless last season. Their defense was one of the stingiest units in the NFL, turning every game into a bloodbath. One of the cornerstones of their defense is third-year cornerback Pat Surtain II. Despite Surtain's talents, though, the Broncos struggled to contain one particular player on a division rival: Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

Adams, arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, was a nightmare for the Broncos last season. The Raiders star receiver tallied 101 and 141 yards in their two matchups last season. Surtain will likely be tasked to cover Adams once again. How does the cornerback feel about this? Well, Surtain is looking to forget his miscues, per

Broncos' Pat Surtain: “That's the toughest thing about the position: sometimes things like that happen. You know you've got to have a short-term memory at that position, you learn from your mistakes and you move on. I do have short-term memory, I mean, I know what I do on the field. So, I just try to let those things go in a fast period of time. Because in football, one play could change the game. If you focus on the previous play or the past it could affect your game, so we've just got to move on with it.”

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The defensive back position is arguably the hardest position to play in the NFL. The sheer talent of the wide receivers today and the limitations set on the DBs make life hard for these guys to defend their areas. Surtain is easily one of the best corners in the league, but like most of the corners in the league, the Broncos DB struggled against Davante Adams. Despite getting burnt to a crisp, Pat Surtain's confidence never wavered.

“It never waivered my confidence at all,” Surtain said. “I just moved on, stayed with the flow. You've got to correct it in the film room. You've got to move on to the next week. That's how the NFL works. My main thing after that game was to focus on the next game, the next weeks ahead, work on what I needed to work on and move on from there.”