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Broncos’ Peyton Manning was so secretive with offensive plays, he went over gameplan in forest

Peyton Manning, Broncos

With training camp in full swing, the Denver Broncos are among those that have offered up glimpses of their practices without revealing too much detail. It seems the precautions they have taken paled in comparison to the paranoia Peyton Manning displayed during his days as the quarterback for the AFC West franchise.

Former Broncos offensive lineman Orlando Franklin recalls Manning’s paranoia when it came to going over the game plan, via the team’s official YouTube:

“He was a stickler on that. He didn’t want anybody to see any plays so everything we did was really top secret,” Franklin said.

Franklin added that there was a time in 2013 where Manning conducted walkthroughs in the middle of a forest before playing the New England Patriots.

“We went and got on the buses and pulled up to the forest. Got out of the buses and walked for about five minutes and then we get in the middle of this forest and that’s where we did the walkthrough.”

The prospect of Manning being so adamant about maintaining secrecy is hardly surprising. It is one of the many traits that made him one of the most decorated passers in NFL history

The fact that the Broncos were preparing to take on Manning’s old rivals in the Patriots only upped the ante. It was clear that the future Hall of Famer was not going to give them any type of edge following his days with the Indianapolis Colts. It is safe to say that the approach worked after ending his career with another Super Bowl in two appearances.