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Broncos’ Von Miller spills truth on shocking Peyton Manning-Teddy Bridgewater claim

Von Miller Peyton Manning Broncos

The Denver Broncos took Week 1 comfortably against the New York Giants. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was a big reason why.

Bridgewater threw for 264 yards, connecting on 28 of 36 attempts which led to two Broncos touchdowns. The strong performance drew some pretty eye-opening praise from All-Pro linebacker Von Miller.

“I haven’t felt that in a while,” said Miller of the Broncos QB. “Since 18 was here man.”

Number 18, of course, is Broncos legend Peyton Manning. The lofty praise was broadcast to everyone watching given that Von Miller was mic’ed up throughout the game. He addressed the media on his Manning-Bridgewater comparison, indicating that it was meant to be a private moment between two teammates.

Via Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk:

“I kind of forgot that I was mic’d up,” Miller told reporters when asked about the comment. “I don’t like putting stuff out there. That was a moment for me and Teddy, but it’s out there. I don’t want anybody to feel a certain way because I told Teddy that. I told Teddy the truth. He definitely has this this vibe about him that guys want to play for. Guys believe in Teddy.

Comparing your quarterback to one of the greatest to ever play will definitely raise some eyebrows. But if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like playing at a high level alongside Peyton Manning, it’s Von Miller, who spent four Broncos seasons with The Sheriff.

Von Miller merely wanted to prop up his teammate to instill confidence in him after leading the Broncos to an opening week win. Hopefully Teddy Bridgewater can make the comparisons a little more realistic with a star-caliber season the rest of the way.